Bus Safety

Safety & Bus Rules


The interest and assistance of each parent and guardian is an asset to Maranata School Bus Service. Your efforts toward making each bus trip a safe and pleasant experience are appreciated. The following suggestions are ways that you can assist in this regard

  • Understand and support the rules and policies, regulations and principles of school bus safety.
  • Cooperate with school officials in promoting safe and efficient student transportation.
  • Support efforts to improve school bus safety.
  • Communicate safety concerns to school administrators.
  • Encourage your children to develop safe behavior habits while riding on the school bus. Assist them in understanding and abiding by safety rules.
  • Support safe riding practices and reasonable discipline efforts.
  • Walk your child to and from the bus stop and monitor school bus stops whenever possible.


Safety is the most stressed item at a school bus driver training session. So, there are some things you must know in order to load and unload a school bus safely. Read over these basic rules carefully and if you don't understand them, e-mail me and I will be glad to explain.

While Waiting For The Bus

1. Arrive at your bus stop on time and do not stand on, or near, the street while waiting for the bus.
2. Wear proper clothing suitable for the weather conditions.

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When Boarding The Bus

1. Stay away from the bus until it comes to complete STOP and the Bus Driver signals you it is safe to board the bus.
2. If you have to cross the street to board the bus, wait for the bus driver to signal you it is safe to cross the street.
3. Enter the bus in a single file without pushing.
4. Always use the handrail while loading and unloading.

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While Riding The Bus

1. Once on the bus, find your seat and sit face front until you get to your destination.
2. Always help keep the bus neat and clean. Keep belongings out of the aisle and away from the emergency exits.
3. Be Cool ...Follow The Rules. Always listen to the driver. He/She has your best interest in mind when setting the rules.

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When Unloading The Bus

1. Wait until the bus comes to a complete STOP before standing up. Always use the handrail when exiting the bus.
2. Stay out of the danger zones after exiting the bus. If you can't see the driver, the driver can't see you. Take five giant steps away from the bus and out of the danger zone, until you can see the driver and the driver sees you. Never crawl under a bus.
3. If you must cross the street after you get off the bus, wait for the driver's signal and then cross in front of the bus. Cross the street only after checking both ways for traffic.
4. Never run back to the bus, even if you dropped or forgot something. The driver may not be expecting you to return to the bus.

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Safety Is Our Goal!

Maranata School Bus Service

Parental Responsibilities

Parents and guardians are responsible for:

  • Supervising the behavior of their children on the way to and from school bus stops and while waiting at them.
  • Getting their children to the designated school bus stop safely and on time (no less than five (5) minutes and no more than ten (10) minutes before the scheduled pick up time) and having them dressed in clothing appropriate for the weather and season. The school bus will not wait for students who are not at the loading area when the bus arrives.
  • Getting their children safely from a designated school bus stop.
  • Teaching, in conjunction with the school, proper procedures for safely crossing the roadway before loading and after leaving the bus.
  • Paying for any malicious damage or vandalism done by their children to a bus. Students who cause such damages may have their school bus riding privileges suspended if the driver and school principal deem it necessary.